Mon Repos fire officials contain NiQuan blaze

File photo by Jeff K Mayers
File photo by Jeff K Mayers

THE National Security Ministry has praised Mon Repos fire officials for containing a blaze at NiQuan Energy Ltd’s gas-to-liquids plant on Wednesday morning.

Just after 6 am, several residents of South Trinidad heard a loud noise, which was actually an explosion, at the Pointe-a-Pierre plant, which was opened on March 8.

In a Facebook post, the ministry said there was a fire, which was “quickly brought under control."

It added, “There are no reported injuries at this time. An assessment will follow cooling procedures.”

NiQuan’s vice president of corporate affairs Malcolm Wells is expected to provide Newsday with further details soon.

But he said there have been no casualties and is awaiting further feedback from the company’s safety team.


"Mon Repos fire officials contain NiQuan blaze"

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