CARPHA: Removing health inequities is a must

CARPHA executive director Dr Joy St John -
CARPHA executive director Dr Joy St John -

THE Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) commemorated World Health Day, April 7, on Wednesday, promoting the slogan of "Together for a fairer and healthier world."

In a press release, Dr Joy St John, executive director of CARPHA, made an urgent call to eliminate health inequities and mobilise actions to achieve better health for all and leave no one behind.

St John said: “Reducing health inequities is important because health is a fundamental human right. Everyone deserves to live a healthy life regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, economic status or employment.”

She said promoting prevention requires a whole-of-society approach.

“It is important to work together with those in affected communities, address issues of inequity, implement solutions, and work with governments to create a harmonised system.”

St John said health inequities must be monitored to ensure everyone has access to quality health services without discrimination.

CARPHA considers poverty, unemployment, environmental challenges, gender inequalities and covid19 factors that contribute to inequities.

“We need to ensure the rights of people living with chronic diseases are not violated, and the provision of chronic disease prevention and control services for children, adolescents, adults and vulnerable populations continues during covid19,” said St John.

CARPHA supports the access of member states to quality health care and essential medicines in various areas.

It urged its members to develop and implement fairer policies and actions to achieve equity in health.


"CARPHA: Removing health inequities is a must"

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