Flow Business hosts webinar on cybersecurity

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WITH a recent upsurge in cyber criminals “capitalising” on businesses “moving online, Cable and Wireless Communications/Flow Business hosted a webinar titled Productivity and Security: Enhance your efficiency and cybersecurity.

“The covid19 pandemic has produced a leap in digitalisation larger than ever seen before, and for local small businesses and start-ups in particular, it presents an opportunity to retool and rethink digital strategies – so that you can use the benefits of taking your business offering online to drive business results,” said Cable and Wireless Business/Flow Business director Bradley Ramcharan, in a release.

“There must be an urgent understanding that taking your business offering online means much more than simply the effective use of technology, rather, it is a new way of life, in which we all need to be prepared to participate,” he said, adding that preparation includes being ready with security protocols.

These protocols, he further added, must be adhered to ensure continuity of business operations and for the benefit of customers.

Kevin Clarke, team lead, sales engineering with Flow Business, outlined that with 90 per cent of employees now working from home, “cybersecurity was critical now” as so much is now at risk, including “access to client lists, customer credit card information, company banking details, pricing structure, product designs, expansion plans, manufacturing processes.”

He said protection begins with a comprehensive approach which includes up to date software, firewall and anti-virus, intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS), security event, monitoring and an incident response plan.

Flow Business has partnered with a global cybersecurity leader, Bitdefender, whose channel marketing manager, Horatiu Bandoiu, said that though there are “many challenges that companies face today, including remote work, software vulnerabilities, internet of things devices, lack of security professionals, ransomware attaches and SMB targeted attacks”, there are “security solutions that exist which address customers challenges without increasing complexity or costs.” Horatiu outlined robust, tried and tested security platforms that offer significant layers of protection for one’s business, the release said.


"Flow Business hosts webinar on cybersecurity"

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