Covid19 cases will not affect police's performance in Tobago

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TOBAGO police on Monday assured that although two officers have tested positive for covid19 and others have been quarantined, it would not have any effect on the performance of the service.

Head of the Tobago Division Anand Ramesar confirmed that there were two new cases in the division. He said the officers are in home quarantine.

He said contact tracing was done and all primary and secondary contacts were tested and quarantined.

While he did not want to reveal the exact number of officers in quarantine, he said the numbers were “manageable.”

“We will be able to handle the numbers. It is not that serious in Tobago so there would be no need to shuffle staff or augment our strength,” Ramesar said.

A little over two weeks ago, three officers tested positive for covid19 and as a result, 128 police officers were made to quarantine.

In an update on Monday, the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development reported three new cases in Tobago. Two people were discharged reducing the number of active cases on the island to 13.

Two people were discharged. There were 3,492 samples sent to the Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA) and other local sites, with 175 testing positive. There have been two deaths on the island.


"Covid19 cases will not affect police’s performance in Tobago"

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