BrownSeed offering affordable Easter treats

Sweetbread by BrownSeed
Sweetbread by BrownSeed

Hot cross buns, cakes and Easter eggs are some of the Easter treats commonly enjoyed at this time of year. But the covid19 pandemic has put a dent in many pockets.

Brownseed Investment, however, hopes to make the usual Easter treats a little more affordable.

The San Juan duo of Kareema Villaroel and Warren Brown are offering a bargain option for those who want Easter goodies.

The company is offering an Easter basket of a dozen hot cross buns, a loaf of home-made bread, sweetbread – either banana bread or carrot cake – and either a mini cassava pone or a dozen puffs.

Hot cross buns by BrownSeed

Villaroel is a law clerk and Brown is an electrician, but Villaroel has her own small catering business, BrownSeed Investment, registered in 2016.

She said, “The basket was geared at being a little more convenient to customers due to the lack of finances where some people’s salaries and stuff was cut. We are trying to make something economical for everybody.”

The idea of the affordable basket came after seeing the severe economic toll the covid19 pandemic had on many.

Villaroel and Brown sell lunches on a Friday and also sell food from their Petit Bourg, San Juan home on a Saturday.

During the pandemic, she said, "There are good days and bad days."

She added tht one could clearly see that the pandmic has affected businesses whether it is a small or large business.

Sweetbread by Brownseed

Since the Easter special was first advertised on social media on March 28, the response has been overwhelming, she said. Villaroel has had 50 orders and some on standby. She and Brown are also doing all the work of making and delivering the orders.

She has put ordering on pause because, "I did not want to take in capacity and then be overwhelmed."

Orders will be closed off on Saturday, but some people have requested baskets after Easter, which she plans to “take into consideration.”


"BrownSeed offering affordable Easter treats"

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