Police: People obeying covid19 rules in Tobago

Most visitors to Store Bay, Tobago wore masks when out of the water. Photo by David Reid -
Most visitors to Store Bay, Tobago wore masks when out of the water. Photo by David Reid -

Acting inspector Alicia Piggott says citizens are generally adhering to the covid19 health protocols at beaches and other recreational spots in Tobago.

The long Easter weekend began in earnest on Good Friday triggering fears in several quarters there could be a further spike in covid19 cases.

This, after the Ministry of Health reported on Thursday there were 46 new covid19 cases and three deaths within a 24-hour period.

Asked by Newsday if people were obeying the health protocols, Piggott said: “Yes they are.”

Newsday also visited the popular Store Bay and Pigeon Point beach facilities to get a first-hand look at how people were socialising.

Fun-seekers, as far as possible, appeared to be socialising in small groups.

They also wore their masks except in cases where they were either bathing, eating or drinking.

There was also a police presence at both facilities.

At the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development’s news conference on Monday, Piggott urged the public to follow the health regulations.

She said people who violated the protocols could be ticketed or arrested.

Piggott said police has adopted a zero-tolerance policy on covid19 regulations, just as it has with crime, during the weekend.

She listed restaurants, beaches, bars as some of the primary areas of focus.

At the post executive council news conference on Wednesday, Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis endorsed Piggott’s stance, saying he met with the ACP to discuss plans for the weekend.

He, too, urged citizens to follow the health guidelines.


"Police: People obeying covid19 rules in Tobago"

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