Lawlessness by Sando taxi drivers,Mr Mayor?

San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello - Marvin Hamilton
San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello - Marvin Hamilton

THE EDITOR: I have a question for the mayor of San Fernando. Are taxi drivers allowed to block lower High Street with their vehicles?

I took my family for a Sunday drive to San Fernando on March 21 and drove down Chancery Lane from Broadway (about midday) so I could access High Street from that end. This meant I needed to make the circle around what was Bobby’s Man Shop.

As I made the first turn in that “roundabout” there were three taxis parked at the other corner where I would have had to turn to face Chancery Lane before making the left onto High Street. Two of the taxis were parked abreast of each other, effectively blocking the roadway and my exit.

I thought there was an accident at that point and one of the drivers motioned me to reverse and go lower down and make my turn at the next corner. This would have meant reversing onto a major road which traffic regulations do not permit.

Nevertheless, having done this, I realised on reaching the spot where the taxis were that there was no accident and that the drivers had simply blocked the road.

I looked for a sign indicating that the area might have been a taxi stand but there was none. In any case, even if it was a taxi stand there would have been no need to block the road arbitrarily.

Please tell me, Mr Mayor, was this another example of lawlessness and unlawful conduct on the part of taxi drivers in your city? If so, what are you going to do about it?


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"Lawlessness by Sando taxi drivers,Mr Mayor?"

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