Icacos woman may have suffered heart attack at sea


Devika Edwards, the 47-year-old Icacos woman who died after falling off a boat on Thursday, may have suffered a heart attack.

However, police said an autopsy scheduled for during the week would confirm the cause of death.

Residents told Newsday that the community is mourning the death considering she was a pleasant woman who worked hard.

Residents said Edwards and her husband Gary, also called Joe, went fishing midmorning on Thursday off the coast of Cedros. The couple was on board their boat, Greatest Romario, named after their son, Romario, a policeman.

While on the boat, she began complaining of feeling unwell. She suddenly fell overboard. Her husband immediately helped her out of the water, and she continued to complain of feeling ill. Her husband returned the boat to the shore. By that time, she had lost consciousness.

“When I heard the commotion, I ran out to help get her out of the boat. The couple is always working together. They sell fish together.

“She is no stranger to the sea. She was a friendly woman,” a resident identified only as Redman said.

Together with Beanie (another resident) and other people, they helped placed the motionless woman in a car.

Edwards was taken to Cedros Health Centre at St Marie Road in Bonasse Village, where she died. She never regained consciousness.

When Newsday visited the family’s home on Friday, no one was there.

Sgt Tutkoo is leading investigations.


"Icacos woman may have suffered heart attack at sea"

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