Nerukhi highlights Tobago in new music video

Nerukhi, left, and Marlon Brizan at the  Adventure Eco Resort. -
Nerukhi, left, and Marlon Brizan at the Adventure Eco Resort. -

ARTIST and singer Nerukhi (Ato Osei) released a new music video filmed entirely in Tobago. If I told you the Truth, is a remake of his first of many number one songs on the indigenous music charts which was the brainchild of the Artists Coalition of TT, said a media release.

The song was produced and arranged by the late Joel Ali (assisted by Nerukhi) and features guitar by Ali, tenor pan by Aquil Arrindell and background vocals by Jonnelle Manwaring. The song comes on the heels of Nerukhi's recent calypso/jazz release Don’t Blame the Children, the release said.

Nerukhi at Argyle Waterfall, Tobago. -

Nerukhi credits Ali with the musical strides he has made over the past three years, after working alongside him on several of his projects, including Black Lives Matter (remix) and Cameron Must Go. Ali, the former leader of Mayaro the band, passed away in March 2020 after losing a battle with lymph node cancer.

The video is set in three locations in Tobago – Adventure Eco Resort in Arnos Vale, Black Rock Beach and the Argyle Waterfall.

Tobago’s singer, actress and events manager Shamika Denoon and arts activist –Marlon Brizan take on the role of actors and help bring the message of the song along with the singer himself.

Nerukhi will host his latest fine art exhibition at the Shaw park Cultural Complex, Tobago in August.

The video can be viewed on Nerukhi’s YouTube page and on his other social media sites.



"Nerukhi highlights Tobago in new music video"

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