Bishop's principal: 'Community effort behind Treverra's success'

Scholarship winner Treverra James, right, collects a gift from Onika Blackman, left, manager of Enterprise Sales, Marketing and Communications, Bmobile, at a function on Tuesday.   - DAVID REID
Scholarship winner Treverra James, right, collects a gift from Onika Blackman, left, manager of Enterprise Sales, Marketing and Communications, Bmobile, at a function on Tuesday. - DAVID REID

Tobago’s lone scholarship winner Treverra James has been celebrated for her achievement by the THA Division of Education, Innovation and Energy.

The division hosted a cocktail reception in her honour of the Bishop's High School graduate on Tuesday at the Fairways Restaurant in Lowlands.

In an address, principal of the Bishop’s High School Cindy Ramnarine said Treverra was a multi-talented student who was always attentive, focused and disciplined. She said from day one, James had always demonstrated what excellence represents.

Ramnarine said, “Treverra did it in her own style, in her own way and we are very, very proud of her.

“Treverra is not one of those students who just dips in and dips out of something here and there, but she stayed stoke and steadfast on her path. We are really proud of all of your efforts.”

She thanked Treverra’s family for their support, adding, “It is a story we need to share with all of our parents and all of our homes, all of our families – our children have that excellence in them, it's there, it's just waiting to come out.

"Treverra, for us, is a product of a community effort, it is not her achievements, it would have been the effort of teachers along a certain path. It’s not just her classmates, it’s not just the one group that she may have been involved in – she is a part of all those dimensions coming together, but that cement that held everything together is her home. It is the family that held it all together for her.”

In response, Treverra said, by example, she hopes to inspire all students to find their balance as she urged them not to limit their challenge but rather, challenge their limits.

Tobago's lone scholarship recipient Treverra James, centre, was celebrated on Tuesday by the Division of Education at Fairways Restaurant, Lowlands. James is flanked by Secretary of Education Marslyn Melville-Jack, left, and Bishop's High School principal Cindy Ramnarine. Also present were sponsors and members of non-governmental organisations. - DAVID REID

She said, “I do encourage you to get involved. I encourage other students to never accept mediocrity but to set high standards of excellence for yourself in all the goals that you are setting out for yourself to achieve.

“I urge you to dedicate yourself wholly to the task of achieving the goals that you set – always believe. When obstacles arise be committed to finding a suitable solution and keep pressing ever forward. It is perseverance that determines the strong from the weak, it is your ability to keep pressing forward, it is your determination, your resilience and ultimately how devoted you are to achieving the goal that defines you. I encourage you: do not to limit your challenge, challenge the limits.”

Education Secretary Marslyn Melville-Jack said discipline, dedication, determination and desire are essential in realising one's dreams. She said it was quite obvious that Treverra had identified her objectives from an early age and was fully committed to its accomplishment. However, she said even with the four watchwords, it was important to recognise that the qualities must be exhibited in moderation.

“Extreme discipline could result in some form of inflexibilities, resolute dedication could easily cause burnouts, rigid determination could bring on delusion and very strong desire could lead to obsession. So as a result of this, creating balance is necessary in our daily activity – following a healthy diet, engaging in daily exercise, getting adequate sleep, enjoying periods of relaxation and spending time with family and loved ones are strongly recommended behaviours.”

Melville-Jack said she was elated that despite the social and mental challenges that students faced in preparing for exams during this pandemic, Treverra was still able to excel academically.

“Treverra, you have made your family, friends and all of Tobago proud with this stellar achievement. I encourage you to keep reaching for high achievements in all your future endeavours.”

The secretary also had some advice for students who wish to model the display of excellence.

“Remain focused, work hard, go the extra mile in obtaining additional information about your subject matter through research, trust in your support system, maintain balance in all your activities and exhibit confidence in yourself and in your God.”


"Bishop’s principal: ‘Community effort behind Treverra’s success’"

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