Upsurge in covid19 cases no longer isolated to County Caroni

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The recent spike in covid19 cases is no longer isolated to County Caroni, where the upsurge began several weeks ago.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram, speaking at the Ministry of Health’s virtual press conference on Monday, said the cases that started as a cluster in Caroni are now spilling over into County Victoria (which spans Pointe-a-Pierre to Moruga), St Patrick (Siparia to Icacos), and St George (Arima to Port of Spain).

“Remember, someone residing in a particular area and then go(ing) to work in another area, for example Port of Spain…people now at risk will be people all over the country,” said Parasram.

“The graph reminds us that this is a very small country. Although we have a cluster of cases in one or two counties, that can easily spread to the entire country in a short space of time.”

He reminded business owners especially to be more vigilant with covid19 protocols such as sanitising hands and ensuring everyone wears a mask.

He said the ministry is doing its best to contain the spread.

But he stressed, “At this point in time, with the numbers going up, we need everyone to do their part..The virus doesn’t stay within a county. People move, and the virus moves with them.”


"Upsurge in covid19 cases no longer isolated to County Caroni"

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