T&TEC gives three-month amnesty for over 2,000 illegal connections

A view of Port of Spain from Laventille the City on the Hill -
A view of Port of Spain from Laventille the City on the Hill -

THE TT Electricity Commission (T&TEC) received reports of over 2,000 illegal connections over the past two years, with the highest prevalence in east and north Trinidad.

It published an announcement in the media on Monday telling those with illegal connections they have a three-month amnesty period to regularise their connections and receive or reactivate existing accounts.

The amnesty runs from March 22-June 30 and provides temporary protection from disconnection administrative and interest charges, back billing for the period of the illegal connection, and prosecution. Amnesty applications are available on www.ttec.co.tt or at any T&TEC service centre.

The commission, however, will not cover the cost of T&TEC-compliant wiring and inspection.

T&TEC told Newsday for 2019-2020 there were 2,241 reports of illegal connections via calls and letters from the public.

It threatened to take action against those who failed to apply for the amnesty and upgrade illlegal connections or accounts.

The amnesty applies to people who have connected themselves directly from a T&TEC pole or overhead line, and those whose T&TEC accounts were disconnected and illegally reconnected. People who don’t have a T&TEC account and receive electricity from another property were warned.

The notice also applies to those who tampered with their meter to limit or eliminate the measurement of electricity used, those using someone else's meter, those with an authorised meter but who have never received a light bill, and people who repositioned their meter and cable without T&TEC’s authorisation.

Under the T&TEC Act, it is a criminal offence to tamper with the commission’s electricity connections and/ or make electrical connections. People found guilty can be charged for larceny.

T&TEC told Newsday it will "continue its verification exercises during the period of the amnesty and encourages persons to take responsibility for their safety by applying and regularising their connection,”

T&TEC also reminded the public that illegal connections are unsafe and can lead to electrocution (death) or loss of property through fire.


"T&TEC gives three-month amnesty for over 2,000 illegal connections"

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