Chinese Embassy: Our vaccines are safe, effective

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IN light of news of Tuesday's virtual meeting between the Prime Minister and China President Xi Jinping, when the latter promised to help TT to access covid19 vaccines, the Chinese Embassy later told Newsday that vaccines produced by Chinese firms were safe and effective.

The embassy said that under Xi's strong leadership, China has succeeded in bringing covid19 under control at home, while actively contributing to international anti-epidemic co-operation.

"Recently China has been providing or exporting vaccines to dozens of countries, especially developing countries, in concrete steps to implement President Xi's commitment of making vaccines a global public good.

"Chinese vaccines have been proven safe and effective."

The embassy said China and TT have shared morale and material to fight in solidarity against the pandemic, further testimony to the robust and strong partnership between the two countries.

"Chinese President Xi Jinping and Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley had a very productive phone call today (Tuesday) and exchanged views on further anti-pandemic co-operation including vaccines accessibility. China stands ready to assist and facilitate the efforts of TT to mitigate this pandemic and safeguard the health of its people."

The embassy promised to stay in touch with the relevant parties in TT so as to advance co-operation on the subject.

Newsday understands that China's two top candidate vaccines seeking World Health Organization (WHO) approval are Sinopharm (already sent to Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Guyana and Dominica) and Sinovac (sent to or due for Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador.)


"Chinese Embassy: Our vaccines are safe, effective"

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