Tobago Chamber to Gov't: Give Tobago priority in covid19 vaccine rollout

Martin George
Martin George

The Tobago Chamber wants the island to be given priority in the Government’s covid19 vaccination rollout so that the international borders can be reopened.

Chamber president Martin George said on Friday in a Whatsapp video, “If you do your vaccination for Tobago first and you create a bubble whereby you have the Tobago population fully inoculated, then you can open up your international borders immediately.

“You can open up Tobago fully for business immediately and all Trinidadians can come to Tobago. They could lime, they could drink, they could party, they could have a great time.”

But he said people visiting the island must have a negative PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test.

“Then, of course, when they get here, we know for sure they are not capable of getting it, because our population will be inoculated and they (will not be) capable of spreading it to our population even if they are carriers.”

George believes this would be the best way to revive the country’s economy, especially in Tobago, which is dependent on tourism.


"Tobago Chamber to Gov’t: Give Tobago priority in covid19 vaccine rollout"

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