On to water for all with new' action man'

THE EDITOR: Commuters and drivers need to be patient when encountering WASA road works in various parts of the country. Over the past 40-odd years, its customers have complained of no water in taps, wastage from burst mains, and many potholes left after road works. Now we need to give WASA – and new Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales – the opportunity to correct these problems.

Generally, citizens do not mind when the water pressure is low, they just want the authority to keep it flowing. This has not been the case where I live in the East. Often there is no water in the taps after a heavy downpour of rain.

Since last March and covid19 we have been in a “new normal” with water becoming even more essential. In order to save lives we need to adhere to covid19 protocols that include washing hands regularly and keeping surroundings clean.

Minister Gonzales appears to be very proactive and to me he is an action man. But he must continue the drive to get water across the length and breadth of the country.

After considerable observation, numerous meetings and discussions, Gonzales is stepping the right way. He has seen the problems with water distribution due to managerial complacency. My hope is that the change at the top of the WASA management was not a political move but a decision to remove square pegs from round holes.

I congratulate the management team led by CEO Lennox Sealy. It seem that Gonzales has a firm and professional grip on reforming WASA to what the nation requires at this time.




"On to water for all with new' action man'"

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