Hiker feared drowned, 14 others saved by fisherman

Qadir Shah -
Qadir Shah -

ONE hiker is missing and 14 others were saved by a fisherman near Paria Bay, Blanchisseuse on Friday morning.

Police reported at around 10 am, they received a report of a suspected drowning from the command centre at Turtle Rock. A group of 15 people went hiking in the area without notifying the police.

While at Turtle Rock Bay, 30-year-old Qadir Shah began to struggle in the water and his body soon disappeared.

A fisherman managed to rescue the others but could not save the man as he was in a rocky and choppy area of the bay. Shah is from Beaucarro Road, Freeport.

The Coast Guard has been asked to assist.


"Hiker feared drowned, 14 others saved by fisherman"

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