2 men dead, teen girl injured in Arouca shooting

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TWO men are dead and a 17-year-old girl is at hospital after a shooting in Arouca on Saturday morning.

Police reported at around 2.40 am, they responded to a shooting at Sparrow Drive, Bon Air Gardens in Arouca.

They found Chris “Bellies” Williams and Shawn Anthony Williams dead and the injured teen inside of a house. The girl had a gunshot wound to her right ankle and was taken to the Arima Hospital.

Chris was found on the bedroom floor wearing a black vest and white boxers. He had gunshot wounds to his torso and stomach.

Shawn was found on top of a basket of clothes in a bedroom wearing a black jersey and boxers. He had gunshot wounds to his neck and leg.

Police said they were told the teen and her mother were asleep but woke up to loud noises.

The mother’s boyfriend (Chris) was said to be preparing dog food in the kitchen but later began shouting, “Gunmen! Gunmen!”

A masked gunman dressed in black then entered the house and shot Chris several times, while another gunman shot Shawn in the bedroom.

The first gunman left and the second gunman found Chris and shot him again before fleeing.


"2 men dead, teen girl injured in Arouca shooting"

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