Davidson-Celestine on vaccine roll-out: No side effects so far

File photo: Tracy Davidson-Celestine 

File photo: Tracy Davidson-Celestine - DAVID REID

Secretary for Health, Wellness and Family Development Tracy Davidson-Celestine says the frontline healthcare professionals who received the Oxford- AstraZeneca covid19 vaccine in Tobago so far have not had any adverse reactions.

The first batch of 200 AstraZeneca vaccines arrived in Tobago on February 18, targeting 100 healthcare professionals.

The second batch of vaccines will cater to people with non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and hypertension and those over 60.

Dr Ogonna Okeke, head of the Department of Internal Medicine, Scarborough General Hospital, and head of Accident & Emergency Dr Ian Sammy were among the first to take the vaccine.

The doctors were given the vaccine on Saturday during a simple function at the Scarborough Health Centre, Bacolet

Dr Roxanne Mitchell, acting general manager, Primary Care Services, told reporters the Tobago Regional Health Authority will monitor healthcare workers and others who are to receive the vaccine for allergic reactions and other conditions.

She said the TRHA has the capacity to monitor at least 50 people a day for side effects.

On Tuesday, Davidson-Celestine reported that 34 frontline staff members have already been vaccinated and the second batch of healthcare professionals are expected to receive their shots this weekend.

“From those persons who have accessed the vaccines there has so far been no significant side effects,” she told Newsday.


"Davidson-Celestine on vaccine roll-out: No side effects so far"

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