Safer TT with new tint law

THE EDITOR: US Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis is widely remembered for commenting that “sunlight serves as the best of disinfectants.” He was speaking within the context of fighting corruption and the way that greater transparency can go a long way in publicly illuminating the wrongdoings of individuals.

Perhaps this was the underlying rationale for the drafting of the new tint law in TT. We can all agree that many criminals depend on the use of heavily tinted windows to conceal stolen goods, contraband items, and even victims. In fact, one of our nation’s latest murder tragedies, the killing of Andrea Bharatt, would have involved the use of a vehicle in the execution of her kidnapping.

Indeed, the regulation of tint film for all vehicles is a step in the right direction for effective crime-fighting. A clear view into a vehicle can deter many illegal acts and I think that all of us who are concerned about creating a safer society should willingly support this legislative change. This new law makes it easier for the world to identify suspicious activity in a vehicle.

The authorities, in this case the Ministry of Works and Transport, should be commended for changing the vehicle tint laws to assist in meeting the challenge of fighting crime and creating safer roads in this manner. I hope that the police will diligently execute to ensure that every vehicle is operating subject to the new regulations so that the sunlight can assist in fighting crime and creating a safer society.


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"Safer TT with new tint law"

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