CMO: Beware of fake vaccines

CMO Dr Roshan Parasram. FILE PHOTO -
CMO Dr Roshan Parasram. FILE PHOTO -

The Prime Minister warned the public against “charlatans” who purport to be distributors of covid19 vaccines.

He issued the warning at the Ministry of Health’s press conference held virtually on Monday.

Dr Rowley said there were people reaching out to government to “assist” with procuring the vaccine and quoting prices of US$19-$25 a dose.

“I know of one incident where a local agent of one of the major manufacturers of this vaccine has advanced himself as an agent of the company and sought to get contracts here in TT to supply that vaccine. The local agencies would have met with the foreign superior only to be told call the police and that person is no part of our business and therefore is a fraudster,” Rowley said.

“That should tell you how careful the government has to be in treating with this requirement to obtain vaccines and ensuring that the follow-up policy in getting vaccines not only from certified sources, but from authorised people who are authorised to act on behalf of those who are manufacturing those vaccines.”

Chief Medical Officer Roshan Parasram, answering questions at the press conference, said in light of the news of possible fake vaccines being shared in the public, a regulatory body to monitor for and seize any fake vaccines similar to that put in place for other counterfeit medications, would ensure that all vaccines entering the country would be from official sources.

“The reason we have an approval process is really to have safe and effective vaccines in the country,” Parasram said. “Once you go outside that process and you have a vaccine that is fake, no one can tell what the contents of that vaccine is, and it is highly unsafe to anyone that would take it.”


"CMO: Beware of fake vaccines"

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