Caroni four still in custody for bogus cheque

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File photo

Four men who were arrested for using a bogus cheque to buy goods remained in custody up to midday on Monday.

Police said members of the Fraud Squad took files containing the evidence to the legal officer at the Arouca Station on Monday afternoon as they continued enquiries on whether the men were part of the scheme or if they were hired by the actual fraudster.

The four men, aged 26, 27, 37 and 49, all from Kelly Village, Caroni, gave a fraudulent cheque to workers from Coffee Express Ltd to buy $460,000 worth of goods last Tuesday.

The men took $177,069 from the Arima compound and promised to return for the rest of the goods on Wednesday.

When a staff member took the cheque to the Cunupia branch of Scotiabank to have it validated, a manager told him it was fraudulent. He reported it to the police, who arrested the four men on Wednesday.

Police later found the goods at Kalloo Road, Caroni.


"Caroni four still in custody for bogus cheque"

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