Cops unearth 'marijuana grave site' in Fyzabad

File photo.
File photo.

FYZABAD police have uncovered what is being described as a “marijuana grave site” at Easy Street where 1.719 kilogrammes of the substance was "exhumed" and seized on Saturday.

In a separate incident, officers from the Fyzabad station also recovered 1.427 kilogrammes of the drug from a man who eluded capture.

In the first incident, the police reported that around 4.30 pm, acting Sgt Gunness, PC Ali and members of the South Western Division Task Force, were conducting an exercise in the district.

They received information and went to Easy Street where they saw several spots in an open area had been recently disturbed.

The officers dug up one of the two-feet holes and found a white plastic bag.

Inside the bag were three plastic packets, each containing a quantity of marijuana amounting to 1.719 kilogrammes. No one was arrested but enquiries are continuing.

In the other incident, two officers on mobile patrol saw a man who was wearing a blue coverall and carrying a black bag. On seeing the police, the man quickened his pace causing the officers to become suspicious.

They approached him, but he began running. The officers pursued and held him a short distance away and seized the bag in which a quantity of marijuana, weighing 1.427 kilogrammes, was found.

The police said the man began behaving violently and resisted his arrest, eventually escaping their custody. The marijuana was taken to the Fyzabad station and police are continuing their search for the suspect.


"Cops unearth ‘marijuana grave site’ in Fyzabad"

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