Driver charged with DUI after pedestrian killed in Chaguanas

A 54-year-old Guyanese man was knocked down and killed following an accident in Chaguanas on Friday night.

Police said at about 11 pm Gangadai Nankishore was walking along the Chaguanas Main Road when he was knocked down by a vehicle.

He died on the scene. Police reported that the 25-year-old driver told them the vehicle he was driving, a Nissan Note, spun out of control after his steering wheel “locked up” causing him to crash into a wagon. Both cars struck Nankishore.

Police said while interviewing the driver of the Note they got a whiff of alcohol and a breathalyser test showed the Cunupia man had a blood alcohol level of 42 microgrammes per 100 millilitre of breath. The legal limit is 35 microgrammes.

The driver of the other car was not tested. The Cunupia man was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol while investigations into causing death by dangerous driving continues.


"Driver charged with DUI after pedestrian killed in Chaguanas"

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