Police shoo entertainers dancing to music on pavement

Entertainers Ro'dey and Nikki Crosby. (FILE PHOTO) -
Entertainers Ro'dey and Nikki Crosby. (FILE PHOTO) -

Entertainers Nikki Crosby, Terrin “Jaiga TC” Callendar, Rodell “Ro'dey” Cumberbatch, and Abeo Jackson, along with four friends and family members, were moved along by police as they danced in costume along Tragarete Road on Tuesday morning.

Crosby said she, along with Callendar, Cumberbatch and Jackson had just left work after their OJO Breakfast Party segment at 96.1 WE FM radio station, when they decided to dance to the music from the speakers of a nearby outdoor restaurant.

“Some of us were already in costume from being in the studio. There were four of us on either side of the street, we were all socially distanced and wearing masks, because we were aware of the covid19 regulations.

“A few police cars passed us and waved. One stopped so we asked if we were breaking the law and they said no, but we should make sure not to block the street.”

She said a senior officer in khaki arrived and ordered them to disperse.

“Suddenly there were six heavily-armed police there telling us to move and that they’re coming back. That just killed the vibe. We weren’t going to be there all day, we weren’t going to encourage a crowd.

“There are people who will say all kinds of bad things about Carnival who don’t know where it comes from, from slavery days, the ancestors, etc.

“When I told the policeman, ‘Happy Carnival,’ he shouted, ‘There’s no Carnival.’ I said, ‘You can’t tell me there’s no Carnival, Carnival is in me.’ He said ‘Well, keep it in you!’

"There was so much aggression.”

Crosby said with all the illegal parties in TT, she found it silly for so many police to be brought out to break up what they were doing.

Callendar said he was recording a video of him singing his song for the virtual road march when the senior officer pulled up and saw that the other police who had passed hadn’t said anything to them.

“He was adamant that we should disperse, because he said what we were doing would encourage gathering. People were taking photos as they drove by but we weren’t doing anything that would harm anyone. It was very disappointing.”

Crosby and Callendar said three armed police officers were left on the corner to make sure the group dispersed and did not return.


"Police shoo entertainers dancing to music on pavement"

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