PNM Women’s League slams ‘blogger’ for ‘attacking’ PM

FILE PHOTO: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley  -
FILE PHOTO: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley -

The National Women’s League of the People’s National Movement is criticising a relative of Andrea Bharatt for “politicising” her murder.

In a release, the league said it was of the firm view that crime should not be politicised on any platform and crime is not fodder to gain political points.

“The league has steadfastly spoken out against violent crimes, especially against women and has called upon all segments of society to work together to deal with the painful issue of gender-based violence.”

The release said the league noted the lead story of the Sunday Guardian, in which someone purporting to be a representative of the Bharatt family verbally attacked the Prime Minister.

It said it was “familiar with that individual,” describing her as a “blogger” who had several aliases, and gave details of a libellous accusation it said she had made against the PM.

“She has also condemned male Tobagonians as predators.”

The league said it was “totally and completely fed up of these attacks” on the Prime Minister, and that contrary to the misinformation, Dr Rowley had publicly implored people to speak out and assist the police.

“It was the honourable Prime Minister who expressed his profound sadness not only at Andrea Bharatt’s murder but all terrible acts of violence, especially against women.”

The league insisted Rowley did not politicise Bharatt’s death.

“This Prime Minister was the first to ensure that gender issues are at the centre of the Government’s focus to the extent that he is the first Prime Minister to ensure that the Ministry of Gender Affairs is under the direct purview of the Office of the Prime Minister.”

The league challenged the United National Congress (UNC) to show its leader’s track record on women’s issues.

“The league believes that their poor record can be rectified by finally putting the country’s most vulnerable first.”It said it wishe the Opposition would work with the Government “and vote consistently to enact legislation to protect all our citizens.”


"PNM Women’s League slams ‘blogger’ for ‘attacking’ PM"

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