Towards Vision 2030 with purpose

THE EDITOR: The year 2020 was to see the realisation of the much anticipated Vision 2020, as planned at the turn of the century and millenium. Much of it has been derailed, with blame being put on changes of government. We now have Vision 2030 and can only hope for greater commitment.

Efforts at long-term planning are commendable, especially with the option to amend as advisable. Fancy language means nothing if there is no implementation. We had five pillars of development, very little of which was on the way to achievement. Talk was not duly followed up to assess and implement.

On the national front, the Patriotic Organisation of Trinbago declared the period 2020 to 2029 as the decade of patriotic pride and listed the environment, health, youth, waterways, culture, poverty reduction, care of the elderly, sports, forests as areas for showing such pride. There may have been others but not much is known.

Internationally, Prince William of the UK called for the same period to be the decade of Earth repair. It is indeed a most useful, urgent and fitting designation. It calls for the whole world to be involved as our Mother Earth has been under destruction for some time now.

It is distressing to read of the assault on our waterways – oceans, seas, rivers and wetlands – and that our Caribbean Sea now has more plastic than fish, without any real concern or action to arrest or reverse this undesirable situation.

Add to that destruction of our forests, mountains and even reserve areas and we should join the prince in his call for Earth repair. International organisations, chiefly the United Nations, should buy into this and seek the support of large companies.

The role of the population is likewise needed to be complimentary to all efforts. Our future generations will not treat us lightly if we do not act positively to save the Earth. For too long we have allowed destruction to go on without due action.

Little could have done last year because of the pandemic. There is now some light at the end of the tunnel. Let us commit to Vision 2030 with purpose and achievement.



Patriotic Organisation of Trinbago


"Towards Vision 2030 with purpose"

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