People, time to wake up

THE EDITOR: Another beautiful person has lost her life at the hands of the criminal elements that are stalking our nation. The country has once more been plunged into grief over the murder of Andrea Bharatt. May God give her dad and all other family members strength in their time of grief.

It is said there is a time for everything under the sun and now is the time for the people to unite against to the evil that is destroying this land.

I appeal to all, beginning with those who occupy seats in Parliament, to please put aside the partisan politics and work together. When bills are brought to Parliament to assist in the war against crime, they must try and be supportive. Think of those who have to walk the streets, to take taxis at all hours of the night to get home to their loved ones. Think of the danger they face.

I besiege all, let us wake up and realise that innocent people are under attack by those who see life as meaningless. Things cannot go on this way. While CoP Gary Griffith is doing his best with his team, they need the support of politicians and ordinary citizens if we are to conquer the escalating crime.


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"People, time to wake up"

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