PCA to look into pensioner's Grande police complaint

Ramesh Hazare. -
Ramesh Hazare. -

THE POLICE Complaints Authority (PCA) will investigate a pensioner's complaint about Sangre Grande police, who he said failed to help him after a year of alleged abuse and threats from a close male relative, which he reported at least four times.

Newsday has seen a copy of the PCA's letter to Ramesh Hazare, saying his report had been assessed and indeed fell within its jurisdiction.

Hazare went to the PCA a week ago, as a last resort, complaining that since last January, he had reported to Sangre Grande police that the relative was threatening him.

The threats escalated, he said, and once the relative held a pellet gun to his head. Another time, the man set fire to his bed while he slept, in an attempt to permanently chase him from his house at Ramoutar Street Extension, Sangre Grande.

As of Wednesday night, Hazare was sleeping in his car away from his land, and his common-law wife was sleeping elsewhere, while the alleged abuser continued to enter the house as he pleased, despite a protective order against him.

In addition to the four reports, he gave the PCA a copy of a complaint form he had submitted to the Police Complaints Division (PCD) in December. It alleged the police repeatedly neglected to deal with the assault and threats against him and his common-law wife.

The PCD is a division of the police. The PCD document was stamped and signed by the division but Hazare said he never received a follow-up.

Newsday tried repeatedly for over a week but was unable to reach the PCD for comment at any listed phone number.

The PCA, however, immediately responded in writing to Hazare's submission last week, and tried several times to reach Hazare to collect the letter, which he finally did on Thursday.

The letter said a PCA investigator will contacted him to schedule an interview. When it finishes its investigation, it said, the finding will be reported to him.

Hazare told Newsday he was relieved by the PCA's prompt and professional response, but said until the relative is forcibly kept away from his land and building, he will have to stay away and sleep in his car.

Hazare says he is baffled why the Sangre Grande police would repeatedly neglect to deal with his matter when there were a number of witnesses to several incidents of abuse against him, in addition to a medical report, which he got on the advice of the same police who failed to take up his complaint.

Hazare has retained an attorney and has a private court hearing next month against the relative for assault.


"PCA to look into pensioner’s Grande police complaint"

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