3-year-old stars in the kitchen on Tik Tok, YouTube

Zayn Pierre helps his mummy Elizabeth Cox make coconut fudge at their home in Chaguanas. PHOTOS BY ROGER JACOB
Zayn Pierre helps his mummy Elizabeth Cox make coconut fudge at their home in Chaguanas. PHOTOS BY ROGER JACOB -

Zayn Pierre is only three but already knows his way around the kitchen.

He has made many dishes with his mother including saltfish accra, gulab jamoon, cakes and pastelles. He even helped her make ponche de creme last Christmas, even though it will be quite some time before gets to drink any.

When Newsday Kids visited Zayn at his Edinburgh 500 home in Chaguanas, he and his mother were making coconut fudge.

“I like my Mummy and I have fun when we cook," he said. “In the kitchen, I like to roll things (when making dough) while cooking."

“I like salty foods and cheesy breadsticks," he said when asked why he likes to cook.

He thinks cooking with his mother is the easiest thing to do.

“He’s always been in the kitchen because I am in the kitchen plenty. Every time he sees me in the kitchen he’ll always come and ask to help,” said Zayn’s mother, Elizabeth Cox.

Getting sticky fingers is all part of the fun of baking for three-year-old Zayn Pierre. -

In October, Cox uploaded videos of them cooking on YouTube and Tik Tok.

On Tik Tok, their page – Yummy Mummy – has over 1,400 followers and their videos have had more than 12,000 likes.

In the videos, Zayn shows off his cooking skills and narrates the steps to making the creating culinary treats.

“I started doing small videos on my WhatsApp stories.

“A lot of my WhatsApp contacts then started asking for the recipe and to see how I was cooking things exactly. That’s how we started making videos,” said Cox.

They have produced more than 10 videos to date and the most popular one shows them preparing a meal of curry duck.

Zayn recited the intro to a recent Tik Tok video to show the special way he introduces their videos.

“'Hello, good day, this is my Yummy Mummy kitchen and today my mummy will make cheesy breadsticks'.”

Zayn Pierre is proud of the coconut fudge he made with his mummy's help. -

Cox encourages parents to find an activity to do with their children to strengthen their bond.

She said spending time with Zayn is precious to her.

“We enjoy cooking together and it’s fun time for us. It is a great activity to help children with their hand-eye coordination.

“It’s also a good way to spend quality time with your children rather than they are watching their screens all the time,” she said. She said she manages how much time Zayn spends online.

When Zayn isn’t whipping up tasty dishes, he plays his toy drums, piano and guitar. His parents plan to enroll him in music classes.

Zayn also likes to build things and already rides his bike without training wheels.

“He’s a very happy child and loves to laugh, he has a big personality,” said Cox.

Last September, Zayn began online classes with Regulus Child Development in Chaguanas.

He wants to be a fireman or policeman because he likes protecting people.

Keep up with Zayn’s kitchen adventures by following the Yummy Mummy page on Tik Tok or subscribe to Yummy Mummy Mmm Delicious on YouTube.


"3-year-old stars in the kitchen on Tik Tok, YouTube"

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