'Wasp' warns PNM leader of election day sting

Wane “Wasp” Clarke -
Wane “Wasp” Clarke -

Progressive Democratic Patriots' (PDP) Lambeau/ Signal Hill candidate, Wane “Wasp” Clarke, has warned PNM Tobago Council leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine that she chose the wrong area to contest in the January 25 THA election.

Davidson-Celestine, originally from Betsy's Hope, is the PNM candidate for Lambeau/Signal Hill. She served as area representative for the Parlatuvier/ L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside electoral district for eight years, from 2009-2017.

At a political meeting at the Signal Hill recreational grounds on Wednesday night, Clarke said: “If she thinks that she run from country and come down here, I could tell her, choosing Lambeau, Signal Hill, Patience Hill to run and come, you just choose the wrong place – you pick the wrong fight.”

He added: “We have to say in a very loud voice without any obstruction, without any distraction – find your place. Because an honest community like Lambeau, Signal Hill, Patience Hill, Spring Garden, Union – you hear the last one I call? Union. We live in a good union here; this is not your place. You need to find your place.”

The football coach, born and raised in Lambeau described himself as “man from yard” who has lived a life for service. The father of one outlined his plans for the area should he be elected.

“At the Patience Hill playing field, there is need for the erection of a retaining wall that would solve the drainage issue in the immediate vicinity. This would also allow for proper sizing of the playing field to allow for official matches to be played once covid19 restrictions are fully lifted. This would certainly allow for persons in the community, especially the youths to engage in more structured sporting activities in a safe and secured environment.”

Signal Hill’s focus, he said would be the erection of a retaining wall on the recreational grounds to make the facility safer for users, adding that the road access to the facility would also be rehabilitated.

“Emphasis will also be placed on expanding the micro-mall facility to accommodate a larger cadre of aspiring entrepreneurs from the community. The facility will also serve as a driver of economic activities in the district.”

He said the Lambeau fishing depot facility would be improved and the Petit Trou beach would also be renovated to attract visitors.

“Support will also be given to expanding the parasailing and kitesurfing activities as part of the tourism offerings.”

He lamented the bad roads, unfinished drainage and other infrastructural issues in Union, which he promised to address.

He urged Tobagonians to go out and vote if they are serious about change.

“I want each and every one of you here to understand the importance of the fight that’s ahead of us. I want you to understand that elections are won on election day, I want you to understand that this cannot be completed if you stay at home. I want you to understand that there can be no victory if all of us don’t band together, go to the polls, take someone with you and go on January 25 and vote resoundingly for the PDP. Vote for the bamboo bullifay, vote for the party that is going to transform Tobago, vote for the party that is going to respect you, vote the party that is going to respect you, vote for the party that cares about you—that party is the PDP.”


"'Wasp' warns PNM leader of election day sting"

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