TTPS almanac is not Gary's Gallery

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.
Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

THE EDITOR: One of the purposes of a calendar is to connect with customers by showcasing attractive images and snapshots of special events, depicting shared interests with your stakeholders that are applicable to you business.

It is not about highlighting or showing off any one particular individual but rather, the entire business establishment or organisation. Recently, the TT Police Service (TTPS) unveiled its 2021 almanac. It looks more like a Gary's Gallery than a TTPS year planner, as the Commissioner of Police is prominently featured in about 90 per cent of it.

Is the purpose of the TTPS calendar to showcase the TTPS or Gary Griffith? The Commissioner can be viewed as being self-absorbed and narcissistic. Numerous officers who look forward annually to displaying the TTPS year planners in their homes and places of work are refusing them this year.

The Commissioner must be careful not to give the impression that he is a one-man show. The TTPS calendar should be about the TTPS. It is not Gary's gallery.




"TTPS almanac is not Gary’s Gallery"

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