THA candidate: Take PNM 'giveaways' and vote for me

Nickocy Phillips -
Nickocy Phillips -

Unity of the People political leader Nickocy Phillips has accused the PNM of trying to "manipulate" the electorate ahead of the January 25 THA election.

Phillips is seeking to capture the Buccoo/ Mt Pleasant electoral district from Chief Secretary and PNM candidate Ancil Dennis, who has held the seat for the past eight years.

Phillips, 32, a pharmacist, is the lone candidate on behalf of the Unity of the People.

This electoral district is the most sought after as the other contenders include Jaime Roberts-Baird (PDP) and Ricardo Phillip (Class Action Reform).

Phillips said, “I am really only focused on Mr Dennis, and the only upper hand that he has on me is because of the giveaways and the resources of the THA that they’ve been using to manipulate the people. I am hoping that the people would take the manipulation and vote for a representative that would represent their interest and the constituency in the way that it should.”

Phillips made an unsuccessful debut into active politics a few months ago in the general election.

“Eight months ago, I stood right here asking for your support for the general elections and it was never given, but I never gave up and continued the fight to be here again eight months later to ask for your support again. This is the playing field that I want to battle on,” Phillips said during the launch of the party's campaign and manifesto on January 15 at the Buccoo Integrated Facility.

Phillips told Newsday people of the electoral district are excited about the campaign and are giving good responses.

“So far the campaign trail has been rocky but otherwise I can handle it. The people have been adapting, especially when I launched the manifesto. I have been getting a lot of social media comments – positive comments, I have been getting a lot of friend requests, I have been getting a lot of persons reaching out to me and giving me the support verbally and spiritually. So, so far it has been great, they are wishing me great success and I am hoping for the best.”

Asked about the chances at being elected to represent them, Phillips said it is as good as any.“I think if the people of Tobago want representation, and the people know the kind of work I have been doing. I am leaving it up to the people of Tobago to make that kind of decision.”


"THA candidate: Take PNM ‘giveaways’ and vote for me"

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