Tracy: PNM kept Tobago safe from covid19

Health Secretary Tracy Davidson-Celestine. - THA
Health Secretary Tracy Davidson-Celestine. - THA

PNM Tobago Council political leader and Health Secretary Tracy Davidson-Celestine said Tobagonians have been kept "relatively comfortable and safe" from covid19, owing to PNM's health policies. The virus has claimed 130 lives in Trinidad and over two million globally. However, Tobago has been relatively unscathed with just two deaths, and none since September 24.

As of January 17, there were just ten active cases on the island and 154 samples which tested positive.

Tobago has submitted 2,455 samples for testing.

At a PNM meeting in Black Rock on Sunday, Davidson-Celestine said the PNM has helped kept Tobagonians alive despite countless fatalities around the world.

“We have been relatively comfortable and safe here throughout the pandemic,” Davidson-Celestine said.

The PNM candidate for Lambeau/Signal Hill added, "If nothing else, you must vote to keep the present arrangement where we are all free and alive in a situation where people are dying around the world.”

Davidson-Celestine said the electorate should consider a few things before voting:

"One, stability, which is a very important word in this time that we face.

"When you look at what is happening throughout the length and breadth of TT and the world with covid....Look at the number of persons that have died in countries like Italy, USA, United Kingdom. When you tally the numbers, it is more than the population of TT."

She said the economy has also been managed well under the PNM.

"Unemployment has been at a level of five per cent, which is full employment.

"Look at how we have dealt with the inflation rate on this island. I see large countries like Dubai and other countries of the Asian world, they are struggling with the impact of covid19."

Davidson-Celestine observed Tobagnians, generally, are enjoying a better standard of living than previously, which she attributed to good PNM governance. She said a number of homes have two or three cars in their garages and two- or three-bedroom homes.

"All of this standard of living is as a result of the PNM. So when you come out to vote...the first reason why you ought to vote is to ensure this island continues to be stable."

She said another reason to vote PNM was because it was best organisation to guide the policies of the THA.

She said the PNM also has the best plan for the future.

“The PNM has presented a manifesto, we have talked about our priority areas, talking about how we’ll build different sectors.”

Addressing the Progressive Democratic Patriots' challenge of the PNM, she added, "The other party can’t even state what their plan is.”

Davidson-Celestine said the public must vote for "demonstrated leadership" and scrutinise the leaders of the PNM and PDP.

"You have two political leaders lined up in the election – Tracy Davidson-Celestine and Watson Duke.

"And if you have to make the comparison," she said while chuckling, "Tracy Davidson-Celestine stands out by miles. "Demonstrated leadership at its best, 16 years in politics and counting...When you make the comparison, we are talking about chalk and cheese."


"Tracy: PNM kept Tobago safe from covid19"

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