Education Ministry spends $85m on 354 school repair projects

The Ministry of Education has undertaken approximately 354 projects at an estimated cost of $85,117,000 repairing and outfitting schools across the country in preparation for the physical reopening of schools as well as the start of CXC exams on January 18.

In a statement on Friday, the ministry said the Examination Facilities Planning and Procurement Division (EFPPD), in collaboration with the National Maintenance Training and Security Company Ltd (MTS), has been working on Early Childhood and Care (ECCE), primary, secondary, and special needs schools.

It said over 100 projects are still ongoing. Repairs include installing sinks, sewer system works, roof repairs, plumbing, tiling, electrical works, and general infrastructural repairs to the interiors and exteriors of buildings.

It added, “Though the ministry’s work is ongoing, it is understood that upon physical return to the plants that have been mostly inactive for over nine months, there will be emergencies that arise. For this reason, MTS is on high alert to deal with all contingencies."

It also said the repair of schools was a continuous process as many of the buildings were over 50 years old.

"To this end," it said, "the ministry engages in upkeep, monitoring and restoration, as necessary.”


"Education Ministry spends $85m on 354 school repair projects"

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