Soka in Moka Uploaded on Sunday

Nadia Batson -
Nadia Batson -

TICKET sales for the Soka in Moka virtual fete have increased over the past few days, according to Trinity College Soka in Moka Foundation PRO Dexter Charles. The virtual event, titled Soka in Moka XXII Uploaded, is sceduled for
January 17 at 8 pm.

Some of the featured artistes will be Aaron "Voice" St Louis, Olatunji Yearwood, Nadia Batson and Nailah Blackman.

Charles said while ticket sales had been slow since the announcement of the event, there had been a wave of new sales after promotional videos were posted recently. Giveaways and contests have also raised interest in the event.

“It seems people are still very cautious about attending the event, but we are optimistic that this will turn into curiosity and intrigue as we release more promotional videos and get closer to the event. Unfortunately, the last minute culture of the Trinbagonian applies to ticket purchases as well.”

Olatunji Yearwood -

The Soka In Moka 2021 event, which helps the school with its annual expenses, was described by Charles as being the normal fundraiser, just different.

He said the people can watch the show on their devices, as well as using their mouse to move around to different parts of the virtual venue. He said virtual reality goggles could also be used for a more immersive experience.

Aaron "Voice" St Louis -

“You could go to the front of the stage, you could go to the booths and interact with sponsors or to play games and win prizes, or you could stay in the main area where there will be giveaways. It’s basically the same event but virtually.”

Soka in Moka Uploaded can be viewed on the online streaming platform Yellar TV. Tickets cost US$22 as it is the 22nd anniversary of the event.


"Soka in Moka Uploaded on Sunday"

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