US must convict Trump

THE EDITOR: I wish to congratulate Debbie Jacob for her well-written article (as per usual) on Trump as a liar, trickster, dictator and an “insurrectionist” published in her Newsday column of January 11, 2021.

Ms Jacob also stated that Trump’s rhetoric has incited violence and he needs to be held accountable for the chaos he has created.

And G.A Marques’s letter also published on 11/01/2021 in Newsday, stated that Trump committed a seditious act of encouraging his right-wing and racist supporters to attack the Capitol Building and he must be either “locked up” or stripped of his political power.

I wish to categorically state that the evidence is manifestly clear, cogent, compelling and credible that Trump committed the common-law offences of (i) treason and (ii) inciting a tumultuous disturbance which lead to public disorder, mayhem, and destruction of government property.

It should be noted that a conviction for any of the above mentioned offences carry a penalty of a long term of imprisonment. The US’s boast to the world is that no man is above the law and justice must be for all.

And I thus say that if President Trump is not charged with these criminal offences it would be a clear signal to the entire world that as far as the US is concerned, there is one rule/and law for their leaders but another for other world leaders.

And we in the Caribbean can then justly cry out that the USA is a hypocrite. It will be intellectual masturbation by the USA if Trump is not charged with criminal offences. The US must stop the political machinations: Trump must be charged and if convicted, sentenced to a long term of imprisonment.




"US must convict Trump"

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