The hunger to hold on to power

THE EDITOR: New Year greetings to all, 2020 was a challenging year and 2021 has started with worldwide suspense over the goings on in America.

I grew up in the Gonzales area of Port of Spain, a unique community with its own identity, cultural events and sporting personalities too many to mention. Having attained the biblical age of seventy, I have witnessed communications grow from a whistle to Zoom on the computer.

I witnessed the 1970 and 1990 disturbances at home, both of which were challenges to the word Democracy developed by the British and advertised in the United States of America.

Six days into 2021 and with the progress of communications, the world witnessed Democracy being dragged to the floor in America perpetrated by Americans on Americans at the behest of an American President. We saw it played out live on our flat screen smart TVs and computers.

America is a country sold to the world as the virtue of Democracy, leader of the free and democratic world, with its President being deemed the most powerful man in the world. For all of that, we all witnessed the invasion of the US Capitol by hundreds of thugs, during the counting of the Electoral College votes.

The reason for such behaviour, both home and abroad, is simply the love for power. As Ras Shorty once said, “we leaving the Creator out.”




"The hunger to hold on to power"

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