PDP's Taylor: Infrastructure in Glen Road must improve

PDP candidate Abby Taylor - Facebook
PDP candidate Abby Taylor - Facebook

“Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.”

This warning came from Abby Taylor, the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) candidate for Black Rock, Whim, Spring Garden as she provided a breakdown of her plans for the area if she is elected to the THA.

Taylor said a vote for the PDP is a vote for transformation and equal opportunities for all, and the voting on January 25 will indicate whether people are for or against the transformation of Tobago.

“Your actions will show your answer.

“I am Abby Taylor, the paradigm shift in human form. The change that you, the people of Black Rock, Whim and Spring Garden have continued to cry out for. In these unpredictable times, the last thing we need is unpredictable leadership. Vote for change, vote for a Tobago transformation,” she said.

She said during her recent walkabouts the people of the community had highlighted some of the ongoing issues in the area, and as area representative, she would be prepared to work tirelessly to rectify them.

“Glen Road requires the reopening of the community centre for use by its residents. A place to call their own, a place of activity for youths and seniors to foster camaraderie and community spirit, the formulating of community spirit for arts and for the artisans.

“We must increase the standard of living for our residents by immediately rectifying bad access roads, water woes and drainage issues in Glen Road,” she said, adding that plans are under way for a green space beautification project to improve the appearance, increase property values and improve satisfaction among residents.

Whim on the other hand, she said is plagued by unemployment and underemployment, and job creation is a major focus among the residents.

Also, “There is a great need for a play park or recreational area for the children within the area. The completion of a sporting facility, a proper mailing system and proper garbage disposal,” she said while also adding that there is dire need for a healthcare facility within the village.

She also mentioned a playpark for Sangsters Hill and a cultural facility for Black Rock, as well as access to social programmes for people in Mt Marie.


"PDP’s Taylor: Infrastructure in Glen Road must improve"

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