US democracy dictatorship style

THE EDITOR: The political finger of suspicion now points directly at those nations using the banner of "democracy" as a label of their political persuasion especially in the light of what has taken place in America, a country considered as the world's largest democracy.

It would now appear that many of these so-called democracies are led by men and women who are only interested in feathering their own nests and those of their gluttonous associates at the expense of their vulnerable citizens, by using methods of dictatorship to run their nations and by constantly pulling the wool over the eyes of those citizens.

It is therefore now essential that all democracies should now be led by dual control leaderships and the judges of such nations should be only elected by the citizens and not by politicians.

This would ensure that policies and political views of leaders and those other politicians in the corridors of power in such democracies offer a fairer system of political control and jurisdiction than those that are now in play. This too, will prevent such strange occurrences that has taken place in the United States from ever happening again.

If democracies continue to politically function under the present principles and procedures we will no doubt see much more of the political adverse and dictatorship attitudes and events that has taken place in America. The writing is now clearly written on the wall.


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"US democracy dictatorship style"

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