Time to look into the mirror

THE EDITOR: TT with the rest of the world looked on in horror last Wednesday, at the riots at the US Capitol. This year 2021, can we Trinis all try to look out for our neighbours, do better at our jobs and change our own selfish behaviour?

We suffered badly from the uprisings in 1970 and 1990, so we have felt the negative effect of loss of jobs, fires and property. Now, our economy is fragile because of low prices of gas and oil, businesses are closing down permanently and our people are hurting badly during the covid19 pandemic.

Young adults are leaving school not knowing how to read and write, and with no jobs available, they get pregnant to bring suffering and poverty to another child. But they want everything they see on television and what others have. That is why we have crime and murders reported daily.

Can I suggest that our Government Ministers in Parliament set the new tone for 2021 and onwards, with respect for themselves and the Opposition. It is immature to bully each other when you speak and it sets a bad example to the less fortunate, who really do not know any better.

We in TT must realise that we have a beautiful country and we are blessed! Let us build together to diversify our economy, and demonstrate a stable environment to the world, so tourists will want to come to visit to enjoy our music, food and culture due to our diverse population. It’s time TT, to look in the mirror.




"Time to look into the mirror"

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