Teach respect to boys from young

THE EDITOR: Recently we were faced with news that two of women were bludgeoned. One was critically injured and the other died. It was alleged that both women suffered at the hands of either a close male relative or someone to whom they were once close with. This is an all too familiar narrative that every time begs the question, “When will it end?”

We are told that insecurity or insane jealousy plays a huge role in these horrid incidents. It would seem as though not enough is being done at home to inculcate proper modes of behaviour in our young men toward women.

We may therefore need to pay more attention to this via the school curriculum. According to the Ministry of Education’s Draft Policy Paper: 2017-2022, we are seeking to develop inter alia, children who "...know how to control and manage their emotions."

Already one theme in the HFLE (Health and Family Life Education) curriculum addresses “Self and Interpersonal Relationships.” In Social Studies, there is “Personal and Social Development.”

At the secondary level, it mentions developing people who respect the lives of others. So the framework is already there. Further intervention is necessary. Whatever form it takes, it must be mandatory and not left as something optional.


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"Teach respect to boys from young"

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