America's wounds run deep

THE EDITOR: Some wounds can heal in a matter of days, others in months. But some are so deep, you never know how long it will take to heal. Case in point, America.

When the planes slammed into the World Trade Centre, it shook America to its core and to this day, that country has not yet fully recovered from the wounds of 9/11. Ever so often, Americans suffer flashbacks from 9/11, so deep were the wounds inflicted that day in New York.

Fast forward to the present and we have the spectre of Capitol Hill in Washington DC being invaded by hundreds in a bold, shocking move to prevent the ratification of that country's 2020 elections. The world is still coming to terms with what happened only a week ago.

While all Americans rallied as one against foreign terrorists responsible for 9/11, the difference now is that Americans have to look within for the perpetrators who stormed Capitol Hill. Worst yet, these people acted on behalf of the President of the United States!

The storming of Capitol Hill was another 9/11 minus the bloodshed and massive loss of property. America's democracy was under attack once again but this time, the enemy was from within.

That event will go down in history as a monumental occasion and those involved, whether attacking America's parliament or in defence of it, will have their names written in the history books for all time.

In our neck of the woods, it would be easy to say, "that ent we business, let's mind our own." But there is another side to the story. How you respond to people in trying moments can impact you later down the road. Remember, no immunity protects us all in a country, 100 per cent.

As a Trini, I remain deeply concerned with the goings on in America which is seeking to heal itself from a most grievous wound. It has been said that whenever America sneezes, the world catches a cold. So we in little TT must pay attention to what is going on up north. We must be concerned as well.

This wound will not heal easily or quickly even with the salve of a new, incoming President. There are tough and difficult days ahead for that country and we should do well to keep them in our prayers. I believe divine intervention is needed for that country and every little prayer counts. America's dilemma does not seem to be over, but prayers can change things.


San Juan


"America's wounds run deep"

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