Melville-Jack plans to revitalise Scarborough

File photo: The PNM’s Marslyn Melville-Jack speaks to supporters after filing her nomination paper last week.  -
File photo: The PNM’s Marslyn Melville-Jack speaks to supporters after filing her nomination paper last week. -

People’s National Movement (PNM) candidate for Scarborough/Calder Hall Marslyn Melville-Jack has called on businessmen to play their part in developing the island’s capital city.

“At this point in time, Scarborough leaves a lot to be desired,” She said on Sunday during a political meeting at the Eric Hovel Recreation Ground, Calder Hall.

“So this is a clarion call to the private-sector large business owners within the Scarborough district. I am calling on you this evening to meet with me when I am the next representative for Scarborough/Calder Hall, so that we can formulate plans to improve the structures and revitalise industry within our capital.”

Melville-Jack said if re-elected, she intends to build on the work she started four years ago at the Division of Community Development, Enterprise Development and Labour.

She said agro-processors and other micro-entrepreneurs will be provided with the requisite training and financial support to make their businesses more sustainable. Melville-Jack said this effort will create jobs for other people within the community.

“It will make this urban community of Scarborough/Calder Hall an alternative business centre to the capital city.”

She said skilled workers in the electoral district will also be encouraged to pool their talents and resources to establish new companies, which would then tender to provide services within the private and public service.

In other plans, Melville-Jack said the Botanical Gardens in Scarborough will also be upgraded and beautified to become one of Tobago’s major tourist attractions.

“In doing this, we would be able to earn much-needed revenue for our local economy.”

Melville-Jack told supporters progress under the PNM has never been so widespread.

“This accelerated over the past five years when the PNM in Trinidad returned to power in 2015 and the result of that collaboration, of PNM THA and PNM central government, has accelerated our achievements in Tobago over the years.”


"Melville-Jack plans to revitalise Scarborough"

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