Lock Trump up or remove him from power

THE EDITOR: I have been writing for several weeks on the seemingly mad pranks and tricks undertaken by US President Donald Trump, especially in recent weeks, and have advised the authorities to either confine him to a mental institution or arrest and imprison him.

Now that he has committed a seditious act of encouraging his right-wing and racists supporters to attack the Capitol, it is paramount that he is removed from office immediately.

This president has done nothing significant to enhance the reputation or status of the US, despite his slogan of “Make America great again.” In fact, he has made the US a laughing stock around the world. The damage he has caused to American society will take many years to repair.

After handing over to president-elect Joe Biden on January 20, Trump is most likely to be arrested, charged and tried for the crimes he is alleged to have committed during his tenure as president, including evasion of taxes, a crime for which one of America's well-known gangsters, Al Capone, was imprisoned.

The US and its honest citizens must not allow this obviously deranged trickster continue pulling the wool over their eyes. He must be stopped in his tracks. Either lock him up or strip him of his political power. Otherwise he will, with his remaining supporters and twisted political associates, continue to cause problems for the US and its people.


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"Lock Trump up or remove him from power"

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