West Shore technician under fire after posting PM’s health info online

West Shore Medical Hospital Photo by Sureash Cholai
West Shore Medical Hospital Photo by Sureash Cholai

A technician at West Shore Private Hospital in Cocorite has been temporarily suspended and is being investigated after he posted details of the Prime Minister’s condition on Facebook.

Dr Rowley checked himself into the facility on Friday after feeling “discomfort.” He has since had tests followed by surgery to clear blocked arteries and has been officially reported as being in good spirits. He remains hospitalised.

But in a Facebook post apparently discussing Rowley, the technician complained he had been “crawling through traffic on his way home,” but was called back to the hospital to “take care of him.”

Another commenter said had it been him, he would have “sabotaged” his car so he could not return to work.

But the technician said, “Na. I have to look after everyone equally. I am not a politician.”

Another user asked if Rowley was feeling better and the technician said he was “pain-free” when he left work.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley. Photo by Jeff K. Mayers.

This caused some backlash from social media users, who visited his profile and on seeing where he worked, assumed he was a doctor.

But on Sunday morning, West Shore made it clear the man is a technician and said it has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to breaching patient confidentiality.

It posted on Facebook that it was aware of the conversation that was circulating “...made allegedly by a cardiac technologist identified as an employee of Cardiovascular Associates Ltd (CAL) and a part-time independent contractor.

It said its companies had immediately started an investigation which would be carried out “in accordance with full due process, following which action deemed necessary and appropriate will be taken.”
Until the investigation is completed, the technician will not be allowed to work at West Shore.

The hospital also said, “Our three companies are governed by a zero-tolerance policy regarding breaches of patient confidentiality. All staff members and independent contractors are required to sign agreements to keep patient information in the strictest confidence.

The companies, it said – West Shore, ACI (Advanced Cardiovascular Institute) and CVA (Cardiovascular Associates Ltd) – have a “long and proud track record” of the highest standards in patient care, including “maintaining absolute patient confidentiality.”

In a post on Facebook on Sunday, the Office of the Prime Minister confirmed that Rowley was discharged from the hospital and was now at home “resting comfortably.”

The post said the Prime Minister was assessed by his doctors Sunday morning and given the all-clear to return home.

“We thank all those who sent messages of well wishes (sic) and kept the Prime Minister in their prayers,” it said.

Reporters were outside the hospital on Sunday morning and saw Rowley leaving the building. He did not speak to the media.


"West Shore technician under fire after posting PM’s health info online"

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