Police release 3 Venezuelans held for New Year's killing

File photo.
File photo.

THREE Venezuelan men who were detained after a man was killed on New Year's Day in Macoya have been released from police custody.

The men were arrested after officers responded to a report that Aarif Mohammed had been tied up and beaten following a domestic dispute at Macoya Extension Road, Tunapuna.

When police arrived they found Mohammed lying on the ground with his hands and feet tied.

He was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where he was pronounced dead.

Police said they interviewed several people and learnt that around 9 pm, Mohammed had come to the area armed with a cutlass and had an altercation with three men. Earlier, Mohammed, 43, had an argument with his wife, Mayerkys Gonzales, who is Venezuelan, and at around 10 pm went to the home of her relatives at Macoya Extension, where he argued with three of her male relatives.

He allegedly chopped one of the men on his hand and the other two men tied him up and contacted the police

The three men, ages 20, 24 and 49 were then arrested.


"Police release 3 Venezuelans held for New Year’s killing"

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