Moderator compares Trump’s behaviour with that of King Herod

Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in TT, Rev Joy Abdul-Mohan. FILE PHOTO -
Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in TT, Rev Joy Abdul-Mohan. FILE PHOTO -

PRESBYTERIAN moderator the Right Rev Joy Abdul-Mohan has drawn a parallel between American President Donald Trump and the tyrannical King Herod from the Bible and reaction to the perceived threat of their power being stripped.

The Bible refers to Herod as a power-hungry ruler who destroyed anyone he thought was plotting to topple him from his throne.
In a sermon at the 153rd anniversary of the church on Wednesday, Rev Abdul-Mohan recalled that Herod was even threatened by the “new kid on the block" – baby Jesus - whom he wanted to destroy.

The anniversary was held on the same day insurrectionist buoyed by Trump’s insistence the election was stolen, stormed and held the Capitol – the seat of America’s seat of democracy – under siege.

“Have we ever asked why would a king like Herod be frightened by a baby? Perhaps it was paranoia,” she surmised.

“It is said that Herod would murder any potential rival to his throne. Perhaps his paranoia was fed by feelings of insecurity. Many people in high positions feel threatened at times, wondering when their power will be stripped from them.

“Even when their term of office has come to an end they hold on as if they are still in control. At this very moment as we worship, there is chaos and protest in the USA, on Capitol Hill.”

She noted this type of behaviour does not only apply to those who hold office in the secular world but sometimes seeps into the bowels of the church.

“Even though Herod remained walled up in his palace of tyranny, he felt threatened by the new kid in town – the God-ordained king. As much as he tried, Herod could not derail God’s plan for the salvation of the world.

“You see the Herods of this world are no match for our mighty God – or God’s people.

She said God enlightened these wise men regarding Herod’s intentions and returned to their own country by another way.

She warned Christians not to look down their noses at fellow Christians and other God-fearing people who come from a different background.


"Moderator compares Trump’s behaviour with that of King Herod"

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