Arouca cop held for rape

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File photo

A 34-year-old policeman was arrested in relation to reports of rape in Arouca on Thursday morning.

Police said members of the Arouca CID, Northern Division Task Force Area Central and the Cybercrime Unit went to the National Union of Government and Federated Workers (NUGFW) housing development, Arouca, at around 5 am. They were making enquiries into the report of a rape that took place on Wednesday afternoon.

Police found a man they believed to be the suspect and arrested him.

Investigators said the man was last assigned to the Northern Division Task Force Area West.

Police said the 22-year-old victim was walking in Pine Ridge Heights, Arouca, at around 2.30 pm on Wednesday when a blue car drove alongside her and the driver threatened to shoot her if she did not get into the car with him.

Police said he took the woman to a guest house, where he raped her, then dropped her off at Singh Street, Arouca.

The woman made a report and was taken to hospital and medically examined.

Arouca police are continuing enquiries.


"Arouca cop held for rape"

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