[UPDATE] Rowley: A day never to forget

Dr Keith Rowley
Dr Keith Rowley

THE Prime Minister said Wednesday was a day never to forget as he commented on scenes in the United States, where rioters sympathetic to President Donald Trump invaded the US Capitol, halting the process of the validation of the presidential election.

The election of Joe Biden prompted allegations of electoral fraud by irate Trump supporters, who converged in Washington, DC, despite Republicans' lawsuits having proved fruitless and Vice President Mike Pence rejecting Trump’s call not to acknowledge Biden’s win.

Legislators were in the process of counting the electoral college votes but had to be evacuated away from the violent mob.

Eventually Trump, in a video message, urged his supporters to go home, but repeated his claim the election was stolen.

Dr Rowley contrasted the chaos in Washington with the Venezuelan elections, in a text to Newsday.

“Similar scenes in Venezuela resulted in sanctions by foreign nations against those who claimed victory,” Rowley related. “Is it that those same people will now resort to sanctions against this country (USA) since the losers of elections decide to defy the authorities and call people into the street to put into office a person who feels he is entitled to the office and is being denied by fraud?

“This is a day we would never be able to forget even as it was coming for some time.”

Minister of Foreign and Caricom Affairs Dr Amery Browne in a statement expressed his deep concern over what he called terrible and appalling scenes in the US capital.

“It is sad and disturbing to witness these scenes of chaos and near-insurrection in Washington, DC. I have been in touch with our embassy staff in that city, and have encouraged our ambassador and the entire team to stay safe and off the streets.”

Browne said Rowley has been monitoring the situation very closely and he is being kept abreast of all relevant developments.

“The absolute breakdown in law and order in the capital city of the USA, and the disgraceful attacks on the transition of power following their presidential election, are cause for deep concern and sobriety." Browne said the descent into chaos of the US's proud and much heralded democratic traditions had been shown live on TV screens. .

“We hope and pray that good order would soon prevail, and that the people of the US would emerge from this crisis as a more peaceful, lawful, tolerant, and democratic society.

“As a close friend and neighbour of the United States, Trinidad and Tobago wishes that country only the best outcomes from the appalling situation in Washington, DC, and the terrible scenes at the Capitol building.”

Movement for Social Justice head David Abdulah told Newsday, “The Trump administration is a fascist regime which does not believe in democracy. They cannot lecture us on democracy. They have no moral authority.

“It is a very dangerous situation within the US.

“Where are the voices of the European Union, Canada and the Organisation of American States (OAS), which were threatening Guyana with sanctions, saying their election was taking too long to be resolved?”

Later on Wednesday the OAS condemned the rioting in a tweet .

“The OAS General Secretariat condemns and repudiates the attack against institutions being carried out today in the US by protesters who disavow recent electoral results.”

The OAS said the fundamental pillar of democracy was the independence of the powers of the State, which must act completely free of pressure.

“The exercise of force and vandalism against the institutions constitutes a serious attack against democratic functioning.

“We urge a return to much-needed rationality and a conclusion of the electoral process in accordance with the Constitution and the corresponding institutional procedures.”


"[UPDATE] Rowley: A day never to forget"

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