Relative of Siparia woman killed two years ago asks killer to surrender

MURDERED: Angela McKenzie
MURDERED: Angela McKenzie

January 30 will mark two years since the murder of 64-year-old Angela Elizabeth McKenzie, and her relatives want the killer to surrender to police.

"Please, give yourself up," urged Natasha, one of McKenzie’s daughters. "We are still hoping that something comes out of this. No one has ever been charged."

McKenzie, the mother of five and great-grandmother of two, was chopped to death at the front of her home off Quinam Road in Siparia on January 30, 2019. She lived alone in a forested area.

Initially police and relative believed the killer was someone with mental problems.

About two weeks before the murder, Mc Kenzie caught a man red-handed stealing yams in her garden and confronted him. Police later interviewed him but never charged him.

Relatives believe whoever the killer is, he is of sound mind.

"This person walked with gloves. He was not a mad person. He knew what he was doing," Natasha said by phone. "I dream of my mother from time to time. In the dream, she is on the ground, and the killer is there. But I cannot make out his face."

Natasha told Newsday that every time she thinks about the way her mother died, she breaks down and cries.

She said, "It is also hard for my sisters. We are trying to deal with it. We cannot forget it."

At McKenzie’s funeral on February 6, 2019, at the La Divina Pastora RC Church, Fr Alan Hall said he considered her a woman of profound faith.

A devout Catholic, this energetic woman, he said, often filled the church’s presbytery with crops she planted, like plantain, cocoa and sorrel.

Siparia CID and Homicide Bureau Region III police are investigating.

Anyone with information about the murder can call Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS(8477) or Homicide investigators at 652-0495.


"Relative of Siparia woman killed two years ago asks killer to surrender"

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